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Our aim is to provide the highest quality treatments and first-class customer service to our clientele.

(*all eye enhancement treatments require patch test 48hrs prior to treatment)


Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

Have tantalising lashes with our lash and brow tinting treatments. A range of colours available to ensure maximum definition of the eyes and brows.

Henna Brows

Define your brows with a natural henna tint. The henna dye colours the hair for up to 6 weeks, and the skin for up to 2 weeks. With a variety of colours and shades available the henna brows are a great alternative to chemical tinting. The henna brows include an eyebrow shape in the form of waxing.

Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is a perming treatment for your brows that involves correcting the brow shape by setting the hairs in place with a chemical solution. Brow lamination can give the appearance of a higher arch alongside a much fuller brow and results can last from anywhere between 4-6 weeks. Please note that eyebrow tinting is included in the brow lamination service.

(*lash enhancement treatments require patch test 48hrs prior to treatment)

Mylash Express Lashes

Get glamorous for your special occasion with the MyLash express lashes. Individual lashes are applied to create length, volume and an added extra curl! These lashes can last up to two weeks when homecare instructions are followed.

Lash Lift

Exaggerate your natural lashes with the Lash Lift. Without the use of extensions, this treatment lifts and curls the lashes to create the illusion of a thicker, longer lash. Results of this treatment can last up to 6 weeks with no maintenance. Complimentary eyelash tint will be applied to maximise the treatments results.

Leave your skin feeling silky and smooth through the application of strip and hot waxes. Using the highest quality waxing brands available, such as Australian Bodycare and Perron Rigot Hot Wax to remove the shortest of hairs in a quick and easy manner. Whether attending an appointment for an eyebrow shape, or an intimate wax, our therapist will take the time to ensure first-class results are achieved. Homecare and aftercare advice will be provided.

Manicure/ Pedicure

Nail it with a Timeless manicure and pedicure treatment. Treat your feet and hands with natural skincare products and high quality polish to create a sleek and elegant finish on your hands and feet.

Our express manicure/pedicure is the perfect pick me up for those on the go! Enjoy a file, buff and block colour polish on the nails.

If you need a little TLC on your nails, look no further! Our Elite manicure and Plush pedicure will prepare your nails for any special occasion, enjoy a shaping, buff, cuticle work, mini massage and polish!

Looking for something a little bit more luxurious? Try the Indulgent manicure or our Pristine pedicure! On the hands enjoy your nails being shaped and buffed, the cuticles will be tidied, exfoliation of the hands, massage and a nourishing mask set in heated mitts. On the feet enjoy your nails being shaped and buffed, the cuticles tidied, exfoliation and filing of the feet, massage and a nourishing mask.

Gel Polish

Gel polish is a high-performance wear colour that can last up to 14 days. Combining zero drying time with it’s high shine finish, this is a must for those who need a hard-wearing polish – but please remember, your nails are jewels, not tools! Timeless currently stocks a range of colours from CND Shellac and The Gel Bottle.

(*patch test required 48hrs prior to a tanning treatment)

Have a sun-kissed glow with a St Tropez or Bondi Sands full body spray tan treatment. The quick drying, streak free formula will leave you with an even, natural tan without the fake-tan smell! A range of shades available to suit all skin-types.


By gently exfoliating the skin with Aluminium Oxide crystals, microdermabrasion can be used to treat a range of skin concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, blackhead removal and rejuvenation of dehydrated or dull skin. You’ll see a difference after just one treatment, but a course of microdermabrasion is recommended.

Crystal Clear

Stay Young- Intense Anti-Ageing Facial

(Suitable for ageing, tired, lined and dehydrated skin.)

This effective intensive treatment breathes life back into your complexion. It is the perfect choice to improve sun-damaged, dehydrated and ageing skin types, but also acts as a preventative treatment for younger clientele.


Problem Solvers – Brightening Facial

(For uneven, dull and tired looking skin)

This repairing facial is designed for skin that needs that little bit more, bringing back clarity, firmness and hydration. Results are obvious after the first treatment, the skin is firmer, smoother and rejuvenated.

Problem Solvers – Acne Treatment Facial          

(For oily, combination, congested, open pores and acne prone skin)

This unique acne treatment acts on the alpha redactor enzyme to reduce excess sebum associated with acne prone skin. The active ingredients used help to reduce inflammation and diminish bacteria to improve the acne condition.


Male Defence Facial

Special care is an essential necessity when treating male skin. Daily shaving can strip the skin of its natural oils, leading to dryness, sensitivity, and premature ageing. This intensive treatment replenishes lost moisture and gives your skin a refined boost.                                                     

Stay Young – Intense Eye Treatment       

(Suitable for poor skin tone, puffiness and dark circles)

A fantastic eye treatment with visible results. An ideal treatment to lift, smooth and hydrate the fine delicate skin around the eyes, creating a look that is noticeably younger and fresher within 30 minutes.           

Crystal Clear Express Facials

Using Crystal Clears advanced handheld electrical systems, the express facials are sure to deliver a quick ‘pick me up’ and glow to the skin. Prior to your express facial, a full consultation will be performed with the therapist to ensure the best results are achieved. Choose from the Anti-Oil Facial, Sensitive Skin Calm Facial, Anti-Aging Facial and the For Men Facial.       


Dermaplaning deeply exfoliates the skin and removes peach fuzz hair on the face and neck. Using a scalpel blade we scrape over the skin which in turn reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring and pigmentation. For an extra indulgent treatment upgrade to the deluxe dermaplaning and receive a collagen gold mask application!


Hopi Ear Candling

The vacuum suction created through the burning of this cotton candle lined with essential oils will not only sooth and relax you, but improve congestion, headaches and migraines, hay fever and hearing. Compacted earwax and impurities will be drawn to the surface to detox and provide instant relief.


Our express and full body massage treatments will not only ease and reduce tensions within the muscle, but will help you relax and work as the perfect ‘pick me up’ for your day. All massage treatments are individually geared towards the client to ensure maximum results are derived from the treatment.

Thai Bundle

Using a steamed compress of seventeen mixed herbs, this treatment is the perfect detox for your body. This highly detoxifying treatment will purify and cleanse clients of negativity and tension. Perfect for those looking to get healthy!

Shrinking Violet Full Body Wrap

Heading on holiday, or attending an event? Whatever the occasion, the Shrinking Violet Body Wrap is the perfect solution! Using a formula blend of cellulite busting essential oils, fat cells will be broken down and excreted from the body in a short period of time. Clients will be wrapped up whilst the solution is worked into the skin, and a complimentary Crystal Clear facial will be performed to ensure maximum relaxation is achieved.

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